Ferramentas e Recursos

We believe that creating a unified taxonomy and visual language is a critical starting point, and that digital tools could help people to follow up and learn more.


Resources to deploy DTPR in your community.

Blog Posts

A non-exhaustive collection of blog posts about the development and use of DTPR.




Design History

In 2019, experts came together in cities around the world in co-design sessions to collaborate and prototype an initial set of open communication standards for digital transparency in the public realm.

In 2020, this initial draft was refined through several cycles of online expert charrettes and small meetings, iterative prototype development, and longitudinal inclusive usability and concept testing. Initiated by Sidewalk Labs, these draft standards, as well as all the co-design activities and materials that generated them, are publicly and freely available for others to adopt, use, and build upon.

Further development of these draft standards are currently being stewarded by Helpful Places and an emerging coalition of partners and collaborators.